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Snelle levering Unieke melangés Vers gebrand in Amsterdam
Boyo Peaberry - Cameroon. Light-medium roast
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Light-medium roast; Recommended for espresso; Sweet and fruity also as aeropress and drip coffee.


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Village: Boyo
Country: Cameroon
Region: Northwest Province
Varietal: Typica, Java
Altitude: 1300 - 2050 m.a.s.l.
Roast color: light-medium
Tasting notes: green apple, black tea, marzipan, light butter, tea-like body

The Boyo Peaberry is a mix of washed village selection of peaberry-shaped coffee from the Boyo Region in Cameroon. The peaberry-shaped bean is very special. In 95% of the cases, a coffee cherry contains 2 coffee beans. In the remaining 5% the coffee cherry contains only 1 coffee bean. This will benefit from all the sugars and flavors that the coffee cherry has to offer. 

The main varietal is typica with a smaller percentage of Java. We developed a light-medium roast that will work great for espresso and will ensure a smooth fruitiness as filter coffee. The roast profile wants to enhance the marzipan, light butter notes but still leave some interesting green apple, black tea fruitiness. 

Unfortunately, this coffee community is located in the middle of the ongoing civil war area. Growing coffee means ensuring the foundation for a better future. With the purchase of these 2x 60kg bags through to The Coffee Quest’s partnership with the BoyoVillage, we could help this coffee community to build a washing station, besides from supporting the farmers’ empowerment for higher-quality life standards.

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