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Snelle levering Unieke melangés Vers gebrand in Amsterdam
Coffee Shots Colombia - Exótico de Altura / espresso
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The farmers of Café Exótico de Altura produce a prizewinning coffee with a delicate flavor containing notes of milk chocolate, caramel and red fruits. A balanced acidity combines nicely with a medium, but smooth body. It’s a beautiful all round coffee that will produce a wonderful espresso as well as a pour over. 

Many producers of the group have won prizes in recent years. One of them reached first place in the cup of Antioquia last year. And several were finalists in the Cup of Excellence of Colombia.

Tropical updrafts from the deep Cauca River valley (alt. 500m) generate a micro-climate benefitting the high altitude coffee fields of Giraldo. Along the narrow unpaved road high on the mountain slope of the sub-division La Sierrita and La Sierra of Giraldo a group of 72 coffee families have united to produce an excellent highland coffee. For several years they have worked to standardize their processes of manual selection, fermentation and drying using the most rigorous traditional methods. This has resulted in a very consistent coffee of a very high quality all year round.

The association Café Exótico de Altura consists of 72 families. Their farms, which are all small to very small cover about 300 acres (140 Ha.) of rich volcanic ash at 1750 -2100m altitude.

Producer: Grupo Cafeteros Exótico de Altura
Varietal:70% Caturra, 30% Castillo
Process: Washed, dried in sun
Fermentation: 14 – 16 h
Altitude: 1700– 2015 meter
Total planted area: 140 hectare

Fragrance: Milk chocolate, sugar cane, Red Fruits
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Caramel, sugar cane, light red fruits.
Acidity: mild
Body: Medium

Suitable for: Filter, drip, Espresso, Automatic

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