2% back to our coffee farmers specialty coffee Vers gebrand in Amsterdam
2% back to our coffee farmers specialty coffee Vers gebrand in Amsterdam
La Sierrita - Colombia. Light roast
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Light roast; Recommended for slow coffee (filter, AeroPress, alternative brewing in general); Also good for a delicate & fruity and espresso.


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Finca: La Sierrita
Country: Colombia
Region: Antioquia
Varietal: Caturra, Typica
Altitude: 1700m - 2150m
Roast color: light
Tasting notes: lemon, green apple, red apple, milk chocolate, juicy & complex body

The town of Giraldo is located in the region of Antioquia. In the last years, Giraldo has becoming known as a hidden gem in the Colombian coffee scene thanks to its abundance of traditional varieties like Caturra and Typica and remarkably dense beans from high elevation (1700-2150 m.a.s.l.). The station is managed by Miguel, his wife Lizeth and their family. The crew will be focused on specialty purchases in the area of Giraldo, as well as actively supporting farmers to improve their growing & post-harvesting techniques towards quality improvement. The farmers in the area of Giraldo (for example Vereda La Sierrita) have limited opportunity to improve their living conditions, as the market-related prices offered by the local cooperative and other local buyers remain low, therefore the last decade of growing coffee has not been profitable for the smallholder farmers (average 1-2 Hectares).
The Coffee Quest Colombia took the traditional buying station model but is adding a Quality Lab to focus on quality by placing a trained cupper (taster) to oversee the buying activities. This allows the farmer to be paid with fixed prices that are not related to the fluctuating New York C-Market (which is currently at a historic low!), based on the actual quality of their coffee. If a producer, for example, reaches the needed 85 score, his/her lot will be added to the Café La Sierrita (Quality 1). 

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