2% back to our coffee farmers specialty coffee Freshly roasted in Amsterdam
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2% back to our coffee farmers specialty coffee Freshly roasted in Amsterdam
Quinta de Guimaraes - Brasil. Light roast
Quinta de Guimaraes - Brasil. Light roast
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Light roast; Recommended for drip coffee, aeropress and french press

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Country: Brasil
Variety: Arara
Altitude: 950 - 1050 m.a.s.l.
Process: Natural
Harver year: 2020
Tasting notes: strawberry yogurt, apple tart, creamy body


Quintas de Guimarães is a family-owned company that grew by specializing in other high-quality crops such as corn, cotton, wheat and soy bean, since the end of the 19th century. Their involvement in the region’s development is noticeable. The family has several farms within Cerrado Mineiro, including in Guimarânia, a city that was founded by them. The family Guimarães is well known for cereals, but their coffee production was still unknown. The family planted their first coffee plants in 2010. Their experience and eye for innovative technology, have helped them to take big leaps towards producing high quality specialty coffee, The coffee from this Fazenda is been the winner of multiple local contests within the region, such as the “Cerrado Mineiro”, the “Emater” or the “Expocaccer” contests, placing 1st two years in a row. Quitas de Guimarães aims to produce more pulped natural than natural lots using extended fermentation times. All lots have traceability, keeping lots well separated during the post-harvest. Quinta employs 50 fixed workers, who live at the farm or in the cities nearby, but during the harvest period, they usually hire 200 temporary workers as well. About 90% of the harvest is done mechanically, but when the crop is new, it is handpicked.

The farm has the following certifications: Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ, 4C, Nespresso, Cafepratices, Certifica Minas.



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