Decaf Fruitas Proibidas, Minas Gerais - Brazil Decaf Fruitas Proibidas, Minas Gerais - Brazil
Decaf Fruitas Proibidas, Minas Gerais - Brazil Decaf Fruitas Proibidas, Minas Gerais - Brazil
Decaf Fruitas Proibidas, Minas Gerais - Brazil
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Light-medium roast; Recommended for espresso. Mild and round as slow brew.


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Decaffeination method: Liquid CO2 (< 0.08% caffeine)
Importer: The Coffee Quest
Country: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais
Farm: Fazenda do Lobo & Fazenda Recanto
Varietal: Mixed
Precessing: Natural
Harvest: 2020
Roast color: medium-light
Tasting notes: mild acifdity, marzipan, chocolate, delicate body.

The Fruitas Proibidas is a blend of two natural processed coffees from two different farms, Fazenda do Lobo & Fazenda Recanto.

The decaffeination process is called Liquid Carbon Dioxide (Liquid CO2). 

Carbonized water is extracted from wells in the south of Germany. This water is naturally carbonized by being in contact with carbonated minerals for thousands of years. The water is being pressed down by limestone or dolomite, pressurizing it and adding carbonite to the water. You can easily find this water in the supermarket, for example: Perrier or Bru.
The water is pumped up to the surface and kept under pressure. The CO2 is separated from the water and by keeping it pressurised the CO2 remains liquid. This liquid CO2 is the bath in which the green beans will be decaffeinated. Unlike water, liquid CO2 is a very bad solvent, which now comes in handy. Only caffeine is extracted from beans while other compounds remain.
The liquid circulates past the beans picking up all the caffeine, moving towards a tank at the end of the process, where the saturated CO2 drops off the caffeine and the CO2 is reintroduced to the beans. This process is repeated until there is less than 0,08% of caffeine in the beans. The caffeine will be extracted from the system by dissolving it in water. This by-product is perfect to use as a natural additive for sodas or natural energy drinks.

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